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720-A Lakeview Plaza Boulevard
Worthington, OH 43085
M-F 9am to 5pm
Sat 9am to 2pm

Adam's Guarantee

"We will show up on time and greet you with a smile. Your pest concerns will be safely and quickly resolved. If you need an extra visit between your regular appointments, it's on us. If we can't get rid of the pests after a few re-treatments, we will refund your money. We look forward to serving you!"

"Courteous, Professional and patient.  Answered all my questions and explained the procedure for pest control in great detail so that I was extremely confident in their work.   We are greatly pleased and have recommended this service to our neighbors, family and friends."

John Herman Hilliard OH

John Herman

Hilliard, OH

"We love how Insight Pest Solutions takes care of our home! Our technician is professional and does a great job servicing our home and is always happy to answer our questions and give us helpful suggestions."

Kristi Carter Columbus, OH

Kristi Carter

Greater Columbus

Our technician was a very courteous man considering we are deaf.  I want him back for all the quarterly services.  

Bill Pest review westerville

Bill Estes

Westerville, OH

Pest Control for the entire Columbus, OH Area

We control all types of pests and termites within 90 minutes of Columbus. We service homes from the east side of Dayton all the way to Buckeye Lake.  We'd be happy to take care of anything that's bugging you.

We service all of Greater Columbus, including Dublin, Westerville, Powell, Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, Marysville, Gahanna, New Albany, Lewis Center, Worthington, Upper Arlington, Grove City, Northwest Columbus, Whitehall, East Columbus, Lancaster, Delaware, Sunbury, Johnstown, Plain City, West Jefferson, London, Pickerington, Clintonville, Westland, Springfield, Granville, Newark, Heath, Canal Winchester, Pataskala, Baltimore, New Lexington, Springfield, Xenia, and Dayton OH..


Pest and Termite Programs

Columbus is home to plenty of ants, spiders, stink bugs, wasps, mice silverfish, and more. The bugs would love to hide out in the cracks and crevices of your home, enjoying your air conditioning and tiny crumbs.  

Would you like to learn more about specific bugs?

Insight Personnel are always friendly and professional.  They call back to check after treatment for a specific problem to make sure it has been resolved.  They have been great to work with.  I was offered a lower rate from a competitor and refused to take it because of the quality care I receive from Insight.

Donita Carson

Donita Carson

Lewis Center, OH

Extra Programs offered in Columbus, Oh

We include the usual bugs like spiders (including black widows), ants, wasps, etc. in our standard pricing for pest control.  If you have an issue with a less common pest that requires more time and material on our end, we would be happy to take care of it at a fair price.  Call us today at 614-450-2000 for more details.


Termite Monitoring

german cockroach

German Cockroaches


Mosquito Reduction

Stink Bug

Stink Bugs


Ticks and Fleas


Rodent Control


Mole Remediation

Customer Reviews from columbus, OH

Pests and termites are busy building an empire in the nooks and crannies of your home.  Contact us so we can safely provide you with pest control.  

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"Amazing customer service--bugs are GONE--went above and beyond!!"

Kristi Milewsky


"All the people from Insight were professional and friendly, even when my kids were running around screaming.  I would highly recommend them."

Jennifer Prough


"We have used Terminix for years and never received the level of quality service for our pest control that we received on the very first call with Insight…They seem much more thorough in the overall protection of the exterior of our home."

Chip Martin


"I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Insight Pest Solutions. Honestly, I was dreading answering the door when the sales associate came to the door because I knew he was "selling" something. He was very polite and not pushy at all like some other sales people can be. He made me feel like I was speaking with a friend. The technician came back two days later right on time and was friendly and extremely polite. The whole process has been a great experience!"

Elizabeth Holloway


"Excellent, individualized service with a friendly staff."

Gary Barstow


"I have been with Orkin for many years.  This service  provides several things my previous provider did not,  such as cleaning the old end from my eaves.   Since your service we have found many dead ants in the house.  I am not thrilled at cleaning them up but I am thrilled that they are dying.   They are carpenter ants and I can't imagine the damage they have been doing too my walls all that time with Orkin!"

Mark Krantz

"The service tech was professional and knowledgeable. Informed me of what to expect and look for after service was completed."

Carl Immel

"Easy process. Clear answers to questions. Flexible scheduling. Employees pleasant and helpful."

Ed Jacoby


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Chart: Best Pest control companies in Columbus, OH

We called and asked a bunch of questions to 4 other companies here in Columbus.  This chart isn't meant to represent everything they do or offer.  It's simply info gathered from a 15 minute phone call so that you don't have to spend tons of time doing research.  

Initial Contact

Compare pest control companies in Raleigh, NC

Service Details

Compare pest control companies in Raleigh, NC


Compare pest control companies in Raleigh, NC

Customer Convenience

Compare pest control companies in Raleigh, NC


Compare pest control companies in Raleigh, NC

"I've used Orkin, Greenix in the past for pest control. By far you all seemed to have been the most thorough. Thanks for actually not doing a 10 minute drive by!"

Chris Martin

Choose the right company to solve your pest problems.  

Contact Insight Pest Solutions.


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7Columbus team shot

Welcome to the Columbus Branch.

720-A Lakeview Plaza Boulevard
Worthington, OH 43085

(614) 450-2000

M-F 9am to 5pm
Sat 9am to 2pm


Shawn Abbink

Abraham Lemus

Branch Manager

"Welcome to Insight Pest Solutions!  Our technicians and staff members work hard to deliver the best quality and safe service in the Columbus area.  As a father and member of the community, I understand how important it is to make sure that my family, neighborhood, and environment are safe.  We will do the same for you."

  • Years in Pest control: 4 
  • Interesting fact - About 2 years ago I was introduced to bare-foot running and I have loved it ever since.
  • Currently reading: The intelligent entrepreneur: how three Harvard Business School graduates learned the 10 rules of successful entrepreneurship by Bill Murphy Jr. (not the actor)
  • Pest-related fact learned recently?  I recently learned on my studies of spider activity, that mud daubers (a type of wasp) are hunters of wolf spiders.
  • Favorite service call: I recently serviced a property with a large infestation of German roach activity. This pest is an interior pest that is primarily found in the kitchen. I have never liked roaches, especially German roaches. They are vectors of disease and can cause respiratory illnesses, such as asthma. It is nice to know that we can help individuals with situation like this. Knowing that I can improve someone’s health makes me happy!
Joy Pagan

Joy Pagan


Joy Pagan grew up in Puerto Rico. He has become a Buckeyes fan and loves to watch Revolution; however, spending time with his kids is always his favorite activity.

“I like to learn about bugs and give the house a good treatment.”

Justin Van Meter

Justin Van Meter


Justin Van Meter hails from Elkins.  His favorite movie is Seven, and the Cowboys are his top team.  He is a man of few words!

“I like to kill bugs and do the little things that keep customers happy.”

Torrence Wilson

Torrence Wilson


Torrence Wilson is from Huber Heights.  His favorite hobby is sports, so he stays up-to-date by watching SportsCenter.  He loves watching Ohio State and the Miami Heat. 

“I love the study of insects and their habitats.  I solve people’s insect problems with a smile.”


What type of training and background checks have they been through?

Each technician passes detailed background checks. In addition to required industry training, we hold Insight University trainings and tests to help each technician become an expert.

Will I always have the same technician?

We try to keep the same technician assigned to your house. Boundaries do change occasionally, but we do our best to provide continuity for you.

How can I leave private feedback about my technician?

Visit our Contact page and fill out the feedback form.

"You provided a service to us in a very professional and courteous manner and I will recommend your company to anyone who asks. Thank you for debugging my property and I look forward to continue to utilize your services."

- Alison Whelden

Pest and Termite Control for the Suburbs of Columbus, OH

We provide pest control and termite control all over the Greater Columbus area. Here's a few of the suburbs we cover:






"With Insight, you get everything you look for in pest control - knowledgable, professional and personality!"

Steven Packard Blacklick OH

Steven Packard

Blacklick, OH

"Everyone has been very professional and knowledgeable.  They took care of all our pests and explained every step along the way!"

Jennifer Zimmer Lewis Center

Jennifer Zimmer

Lewis Center, OH

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